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Revew of "The 20th Guangzhou International Art Fair"

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The 20th Guangzhou International Art Fair was drawn to a perfect end on Dec. 7 with an amount of RMB550 mln in Section C of Bazhou Pavilion of the China Import and Export Fair.Although all walks of life held reluctance to comment on this art fair and even the sponsor felt upset about the result, the RMB550 mln of turnover marked a good result amid the overall depressed market situation, symbolizing again the rise of the art market.

Thanks to accumulation of the past two decades, we conclude a perfect end with prominent academic and market performance. We see the confidence and ambition of the sponsor as a leader of the industry. The RMB550 mln of onsite turnover, 250,000 traffic for two successive rainy days, decisive purchase by global collectors, smile of participants for satisfactory participation, high comment by the industry, active settlement of media, reservation of booths in the next art fair by new or regular participants and earnest visit by local residents against rain all prove a huge success of this art fair.


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