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Revew of "The 21st Guangzhou International Art Fair"

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Good news keeps pouring in during the preparation stage of the 21st Guangzhou International Art Fair. It’s a scene rarely seen in previous events when participants collect works of each other before the official kickoff of the fair. Many participants recollected all costs simply on the VIP preview day, i.e. the first exhibition day of the fair. According to statistics, over 90% of participants concluded transactions. With the LC Gallery of US as an example, totally 7 pieces of works by Picasso were reserved, and even the last, most famous but not for sale Le Déjeuner Sur L'herbe was asked for offer by many unknown collectors. A works series, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, by Sichuan painter Li Zhongchun was concluded with RMB1.2 mln. Guo Guan, an artist from Treasure Art, sold 15 pieces of works to add up to a total value of RMB3 mln. Works by Guo Ziliang as exhibited by Guangzhou Juyunxian Cultural Development Co., Ltd. were popular among collectors, with RMB1.1 mln collected for the first 3 days, his Chinese painting Canna Indica costing the most of RMB800,000 while his Free-spirited Fishman concluded at RMB200,000. Small sculpture handcrafts by Hema Art were in short supply and many pieces of large colored sculpture works were sold. For the Duanzhang Art Exhibition Zone, all the landscape works and many of the Rabbit Series were sold. Taiwan Hanxiang Art Gallery sold 14 pieces of works to aggregate RMB500,000. Nearly 20 pieces of Chinese painting and calligraphy works by Wang Dongsheng from Hanzhong Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute were all taken by a collector at the third day upon the event kickoff. The West Bank Gallery of the US sold 10 pieces of works, valuing RMB300,000, with And Quiet Flows the Don concluded at RMB100,000. Dan Lan from Three Walking Together Art Gallery sold 8 pieces of works on site. Beijing Laojiu Art Gallery concluded RMB200,000 of works. A whole wall of works in the Post Songzhuang Themed Exhibition was sold out. Cai Yu Themed Exhibition Zone sold works worth RMB100,000. Three pieces of works from the Two Cities – Thoughts Themed Exhibition zone were collected by collectors. For the Caimotang Gallery, 9 pieces of the Beauty of the Republic of China Period Series by Cen Shengquan were sold on site, and the Children’s Fun Series small paintings were sold out. A collector purchasing works last year bought RMB400,000 of works on site this year. Caimotang totally concluded RMB1.23 mln on site. Works by Hu Deming, occupying half of the exhibition area of Decaitang, were sold out, registering a revenue twice as the previous year. British Shangsi Art Investment Company sold 4 pieces of oil paintings on the closing day alone, costing RMB400,000 in total, and 10 pieces in total for the 4 days of exhibition. Regular participant Classic Western Painting Salon sold several pieces of oil paintings. Rongfu Pavilion sold 9 pieces of paintings on site, totaling RMB530,000 in value. First participant Xidian Liu Xue Oil Painting Palace sold half of its exhibits, with three pieces of works collected by a single collector. Nearly half of the works by Yang Peijiang from the first participant Dafanhui was collected by an exhibit surnamed Huang.


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